The Weekly Oregonian, Saturday, January 24, 1857

Items of genealogical interest found in The Weekly Oregonian, Saturday, January 24, 1857, Vol. VII, No. 9.

Page 1, column 2
Proceedings of the Oregon Legislature:  House, Thursday, Jan. 8th
Mr. Cochran presented a petition from citizens of Lane and Umpqua counties asking that township 21 south, range 4 west, in Umpqua county, be attached to Lane County.

Page 2, column 7
Mr. Lyman Gillallard and Miss Sarah Willis, a young couple who were returning from a New Year’s ball at Roseburg, Douglas county, on the 2d inst, were both drowned in attempting to cross Looking Glass creek about eight miles from Roseburg, by reason of their hosses [sic] getting frightened on the ferry boat.

Rev. J . H. Wilbur with his family, has been in this city the last few days waiting the arrival of the steamer, so to proceed on a visit to the States. Mr. Wilbur is an old pioneer in Oregon, and we can not but wish him a safe and pleasant trip.

In Trinity Church Portland, on the 18th  January, by the Rev John Sellwood D. D. Mr. C H Lewis, (of the firm of Allen & Lewis of this city,) and Miss Clementine F. , second daughter of Capt. John H Couch, all of Portland.

In Polk county, Dec. 25 1856, by Isaac Staate, J.P., Mr. George W Adams and Mrs. Elizabeth Burnet.

In Linn county, on Thursday Jan 1st, 1857, by Elder John Stipp, Elder James Bassett and Miss Martha Elizabeth Turnidge both of Linn county

At the residence of Rev. W. S. Parsons on the 28th ult, by Rev. J. F. Devore, Louis D Barnard to Miss Mary A. Parsons, both of Thurston county, W. T.

At the residence of the bride’s father, near Jacksonville, Dec. 14th, by Rev John Flinn, R. F. Maury, Esq, of the firm of Maury & Davis, Jacksonville, to Miss Elizabeth Chambers.

In this city, January 22d, 1857 Justin Millard, M. D., in the 51st year of his age. [The funeral of Dr. M. will take place at 1 o’clock P.M. on to-morrow (Sabbath), at the residence of his family. The friends of the deceased are respectfully invited to attend. ] [brackets were as printed in the paper]

NOTICE – All the members of the Masonic Fraternity, in good standing, are invited to meet at Masonic Hall, in this city, at 12 o’clock on Sunday, 25th inst., to pay the last and funeral rites to our deceased Brother Dr. Justin Millard. T.J. Holmes, W. M. of Willamette Lodge No 2, A. F. & A. M.

At the residence of S. D. Rhinehart, Tom Water, Thurston county, W. T. on Sunday, Jan. 4 of inflammation of the bowels, Mr. Isaac M. Brown, formerly from Indiana, aged 29 years.

Dec 31st, in Marion county, Pierce Jackson, son of P J and Sarah A Pefly aged six months and thirteen days.

Page 3, col. 1
NOTICE.—The Judges of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Oregon, assembled at the Seat of Government on the 16th day of December, 1856, do fix and appoint the District Courts to be held in the city of Salem, in the county of Marion, on the first Mondays of April and September, and the fourth Mondays of May and October, annually, until otherwise ordered; and in the city of Portland, in the county of Multnomah, on the fifth Monday of December, 1856, and thereafter on the first Mondays of May and October, and the third Mondays of June and November, annually until otherwise ordered, and do limit the duration of said Terms to six days each.
                                                                        GEO. H. WILLIAMS, Chief Justice.
                                                                        CYRUS OLNEY, Associate Justice.

Attachment Notice.
To A. STURM: In the name of the United States of America, you are required to appear in the District Court of the County of Multnomah, in the Territory of Oregon, on the first day of the next term, and answer the complaint of C. M. Wilborg, or the plaintiff will take judgement against you for the sum of two hundred and ninety-one dollars and sixty-six cents, together with interest and costs of suit.
Witness the seal of said court, affixed on the third day of October, 1856.
                                                                        JAS. W. DAVIS, Clerk
It appearing that to the court that the defendant canot be found, it is ordered that the plaintiff publish notice of the pondeney of the suit as in case of non-resident defendants.
                                                                        P. MARQUAM, Att’y for Pltf.
The above is a true copy of the summons and transcript of the order of the court, made at the December term, 1856. Certified by me, this 22d day of January, 1857.
                                                                        JAS. W. DAVIS, Clerk

Divorce Notice.
Rhody A. McArdie, Complainant. vs. Alfred M. McArdie, Defendant.
The Defendant will take notice that complainant has filed her petition in the District Court of the Second Judicial District of the Territory of Oregon against him for a divorce; that the said case will be heard at the May term of said court, where he can contest the same.

                                                                        P. MARQUAM, Solicitor for the Compl’t.
Portland, O. T., Jan. 22d, 1857.

Page 3, col. 3
Public Auction
By order of the Hon. Probate Court of Yamhill county, notice is hereby given that the Real Estate of Vincent Snelling, deceased, will be sold at Public Auction on the 30th day of January, 1857, between the hours of 10 and 3 o’clock.
The real estate consists of three hundred acres of land, more or less—about two hundred acres of level prairie land, embracing the principal part of the cultivated farm of the deceased. It is situated in T 4, S. R. 4, W., Sections 15 and 22.
All persons wishing to purchase would do well to come and look at the land, on the 30th inst.                                                                  B. F. Snelling, Admr.

Assignees Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned have this day been duly constituted, by deed of assignment and for the trust therein specified, assignees of all and singular the real and personal estate of Daniel H. Lownsdale, of Portland, Oregon; and that we have taken possession of all and singular the real and personal estate of said Lownsdale, for the speedy accomplishment of our trust, powers, and duties.
Creditors of said Lownsdale will present their claims to us, and all those indebted in any manner to said Lownsdale, are required to make immediate payment to the undersigned.
                                                                        Charles M. Carter,
                                                                        Joseph S. Smith,
Assignees of Daniel H. Lownsdale.
Portland, Oregon, Sept. 12, 1856.

Page 4, Col. 2
2d Notice.
Persons having Claims against the Territory of Oregon, growing out of the existing Indian War, that have not been duly vouched for by the proper officer of any of the departments of the military organization of said Territory, and certificates or other proper vouchers given, are requested to present the same before the Commissioner at the Seat of Government of Oregon Territory, who will there open an office on the 1st day of January, 1857, to audit and adjust all such claims as may be presented that belong properly to his official jurisdiction.
                                                                        Philo Callender, Commissioner of War Claims

Information Wanted
Of the whereabouts of a young man by the name of Seaman De Milt, formerly from New York city. Mr. De Milt came to Oregon some time last summer, joined bark Mary Melville, and then left Milwaukie for Jacksonville, since which time he has not been heard from.
Mr. De Milt was about 28 years of age, weighed about 130 pounds, dark hair and light complexion, and some 5feet 3 inches in hight. [sic]
Any information will be thankfully received, by letter or otherwise directed to Ralph P. Meade, Pursur steamship Columbia, Portland, O. T.


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